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Jam In The Van | Alt105.3 | Pop Matters 

The Happys
San Francisco Outfit, playing dysfunctional surf tinged Alternative Rock.

Nick Petty - Lead Vox/Guitar
Alejandro (Alex) Sanchez - Lead Guitar/Vox
Brett Brazil - Bass/Vox
Elijah Smetzer - Drums


Pop Matters Article on The Happys

Pop Matters

"An aggressive burst of energy, "Cut the Rope" is as infectious as it is powerful"

Discovered Magazine Article on The Happys

Discovered Magazine

"Portray the darkness of living with anxiety"

Jam in the Van article and live video on The Happys

Jam In The Van

"These fucks right here… they are the closest thing to Beavis and Butthead that we’ve ever had in the van… but like a humble Beavis and Butthead, and I love any kind of Beavis and Butthead,"


Tim Azzy

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